A small number of harnesses for the Twist Machine Paddle Shifter 3 were built with two wires in the wrong position. This guide shows how to fix the problem. You’ll need a small flat blade screwdriver. A jeweler’s screwdriver is a good choice here.


The two wires that need to be moved are shown by the arrow in the photo below. These are in positions 7 and 8 on the connector.

Turn the harness connector face up, with the latch facing away from you. You’ll be inserting the small screwdriver into the slot on the white terminal latch, so that part needs to be toward you.

Use a screwdriver tip to pry up the terminal lock.

Once the terminal lock is fully in the up position, you can pry it further with the screwdriver and move it completely.

Set the lock aside, as you will be using it later.

Using a very thin bladed screwdriver or even a toothpick, gently pry on the plastic retainer from the leftmost terminal, position 8, while pulling gently on the wire at the rear of the connector.
The wire and terminal should smoothly side out of the back of the connector.

Repeat the process for terminal and wire in position 7.

With both wires out, insert the second wire red / white into the socket for terminal 5.
Insert the wire and terminal until you hear a click and the terminal latches into place.

Insert the other wire into the socket for terminal 6.

With both wires in place, you can re-insert the white terminal lock.

Press the terminal lock down until it fully seats as shown.

This completes the rework on the harness.