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Connecting the Twist Machine Paddle Shifter 3 to a Ford 10R80 Gen 3 Control Pack (M-6017-M50BA)

This guide describes how to connect the Twist Machine Paddle Shifter to a Ford 10R80 Gen 3 Control Pack M-6017-M50BA.

Make the required power and ground connections to the paddle shifter receiver as per the install guide.

Make the following additional connections to complete the installation.

6-Way I/P Pigtail Connector

Paddle Shifter Receiver


Cavity 4 / GY-VT

Pin 3 - White / Black


Cavity 2 / GY

Pin 5 - White / Red


Cavity 6 / BU

Pin 4 - White / Green

Downshift Common

Pin 6 - White

Upshift Common

See section 6 of the M-6017-M50BA 2018 – 2021 COYOTE (GEN 3 Engine) CONTROL PACK manual for additional information.

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