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Connecting the Twist Machine Paddle Shifter 3 to a TCI Transmission Controller


Please familiarize yourself with the TCI installation guide before beginning. In general, the most important thing to keep in mind is the following from the TCI manual:

The TCU is configured such that it's possible to have fully manual upshifts and downshifts at the flick of a switch like a bumpstick. This works by first activating the manual mode with one switch to Terminal C. Once activated, the transmission can be bumped up (Terminal B) or down (Terminal C) through the forward gears via an On-Off-On momentary rocker switch.  The connections are to be made as follows: 

Terminal A (red wire) - momentary ground for bump down

Terminal B (yellow wire) - momentary ground for bump up 

Terminal C (blue wire) - +12 volts to activate manual mode

Recommended Wiring to the Paddle Shifter Receiver

TCI Controller

Paddle Shifter Receiver


Terminal A - Red

Pin 3 - White / Black


Terminal B - Yellow

Pin 5 - White / Red


Common Ground

Pin 4 - White / Green

Downshift Ground

Pin 6 - White

Upshift Ground

  • Connect the TCI blue wire to a switch that will provide 12 volts to the TCI unit when on. This activates the TCI unit for paddle shifting.

  • This 12 volt switch is not part of the Twist Machine Paddle Shifter system. The customer is expected to supply this part.

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